Gecko Overview

What is Gecko Audio?

To give an overview of Gecko Audio Canada we first need to acknowledge that it is the North American Distribution arm for Gecko Music Group [Headquarters – Gecko Music (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.]. Conveniently located southwest of Toronto in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, which is the fastest growing tech market in Canada.

Gecko Audio is a company run and operated by certified audio engineers and audiophile enthusiasts. Driven by passion for sound and technology, Gecko Audio strives to be the leading provider in audiophile equipment in North America. Servicing the live entertainment and recording studio industries, we hope to build the audio industry up with a quality over quantity mentality; ensuring that the equipment we provide is of the highest standard in terms of build and sound. This in turn will allow our clients to produce the absolute best experience for their listeners.

Gecko Music Group currently manufactures audiophile grade sound systems for both live and studio applications. Gecko Music Group operates two main manufacturing facilities and research centers located in Malaysia and Brunei. Surrounded by lush tropical rain forests and beautiful seas, the very essence of the natural surroundings acts as an inspiration and transcends the quality and sound compared to other sound systems; giving listeners, musicians, audio engineers, and producers clarity, and the natural sound reproduction they need and deserve. Through continuous R&D Gecko Music Group will push boundaries with new innovations and further developments to better improve the quality and experience of audio all over the world.

Gecko Audio has the rights to distribute and resell all Gecko Music Group products across North America. Full rights to the catalog include all audiophile active and passive loud speakers, subwoofers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, DI solutions, processors, power management systems, headphones, wireless microphones, and wired microphones.